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Dubbed ‘The Magic Carpet’, a 150m (500ft) escalator that runs up a steep hill has been installed in a golf course in Germany.

I play golf.  A good bit, in fact.  I don’t walk the course when I play, I actually rent a golf cart.  However, if I did walk the course I would certainly love to have this new “golf travelator” available to me.  And, I am sure most would.  Who needs exercise anyway?

You can read the full article here.

All this walking and golfing talk made me do a little research.  Below is what I found on how to calculate just how many miles a golfer does walk over one round of 18 holes:

Multiply the distance (yards) of the golf course you are playing by 3, then divide by 5,280 feet (a mile). Example: 6,700 (yards) X 3 (feet in a yard) = 20,100 (feet) divided by 5,280 (feet in a mile) = 3.8 miles.

Of course, this assumes that you walk in straight line over the whole course. This of course is not true, golfers rarely hit the ball perfectly straight. It also does not take into account the amount a golfer walks looking for golf balls, as well as walking around the green (chipping and putting).

If we assume 100 yards between holes on average, that adds another 1800 yards to your walking distance. Then add 20% to the overall distance to take into account all of the extra walking above. Adding all that up, you get something around 10,000 yards.

Now divide by 1760 yards per mile = about 5 1/2 miles total.

Like I said, bring on the travelator!

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