Photo of the Week

We all know that riding an elevator can be awkward in certain situations.

There’s the random encounter with a certain Romeo or Juliet, when you have to choke down that last bite of a Big Mac and muster up something intelligent to say before the doors open.  There’s the overheard conversations about people you don’t know: “Well, you know Beth transferred because of what happened with Jack.” Or, the  random stranger who strikes up a conversation for some unknown reason….”have you seen Transformers 9?”  And, then there’s the uncouth elevator rider who stands facing you after the doors close, staring into your face like he has a telepathic message from beyond.  It happens.

Obviously the text on the elevator monitor in this photo is not real but it is kind of funny.   However, if it were real, it could make those awkward moments much more relaxed.  I cant say that I highly recommend doing so but, if interested, you can check out a few other from the series here.

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