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There, I fixed it!  Cardboard and duct tape huh?  Many will see this image and get a good laugh because the perception is that there must be some double strength, stainless steel lined, Gorilla Glue infused cardboard out there holding this escalator up.  Obviously this is just a temporary covering but, to me, it still looks a bit unsafe.  What would a person find behind that cardboard since the steel panel is gone?  The working mechanism’s of the escalator?  Could someone lose a limb if they somehow stuck it in their to find out?   By looking at the below image I think so, but I am a true novice when it comes to escalator workings.  Let me hear from you experts.

**Obviously, this is just a hypothetical scenario and we hope that the public is riding and acting properly!

1 thought on “Photo of the Week

  1. I think they got it “covered”. The cladding is just for finishing.
    If you notice, the part where people can touch is replace by someting more stong (i think) than cardboard.

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