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Wow!  This was the line (crowd) at the WTC PATH Station escalators in New York a few weeks ago.  According to the escalators were turned off for safety reasons. “There was a trespasser in a tunnel over at 9th Street,” a rep for the Port Authority explains, “so they closed the tunnel the 33rd to Journal Square line. Therefore everybody from New Jersey trying to get into New York on PATH went to the World Trade Center line and everybody in downtown New York wanting to get to New Jersey went on the World Trade Center line.”   This, of course, caused massive crowding and thousands of people to miss their morning bagel.  You can view more photos and read the full story at the link above.

1 thought on “Photo of the Week

  1. I hope its heavy duty escalator.
    we doesnt want another escalator accident like in china repeated again.

    This one is film in japan (lucky no serious casualty)

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