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Introducing the Payavator®, the world’s first pay-per-use elevator service.  Just released to the market by well-known industry manufacturer/supplier C.J. Anderson & Company, the  Payavator is a turnkey interface for building owners that transforms an elevator into a revenue generating machine.  This new device will help offset the maintenance, repair and modernization costs typically associated with elevators.  That’s right, a pay-per-ride elevator could be coming to a building near you.  Have your credit or debit card handy.  Don’t feel like you should have to pay to reach your destination?  Hey, you could always take the stairs to the 85th floor for that important meeting.  Just don’t forget to leave your home or office about 8 hours early (and bring a water jug, towels, your tennis shoes and maybe an extra set of clothes).  Oh, and you’d better go ahead and order Chinese take-out for dinner.  It’s a long way down too.

Sound crazy?


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