Photographic Memory Should Serve Future Elevator Engineer Well

Listing Fujitec, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric among his favorite elevator brands, 12-year-old Aaryan Sachin Kashyap of Bengaluru, India, has a photographic memory, especially when it comes to vertical-transportation equipment, according to The Times of India. He remembers elevator specifications from more than 5,000 sites he’s visited, recalling the details within 5 seconds, according to the source. Aaryn’s parents noticed his fascination with elevators when he was only 2 1/2, and have supported his love for the equipment since. Shimoga and Smitha Sachin have documented nearly 1,100 elevators around the world that Aaryan remembers — including 654 in Bengaluru alone! Whenever he’s at a mall, Aaryan says he doesn’t think about shopping — rather, it’s all about elevators. “I love their buttons, their cleanliness and the way they go up and down,” he says. Aaryan already holds a world record for correctly memorizing nearly 100 volumes of Indian children’s books, and has a newfound passion for cooking. However, he says he wants to be an elevator engineer when he grows up, and his passion for detail should certainly serve him well there!

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