Photo(s) of the Week

There is a story behind these photos…really.  Just last week I was on vacation in the U.S. states of Wyoming and Utah for a little hiking in the mountains.  A time of being one with nature and briefly forgetting about the stresses of work and every day life.  A strenuous hike on the second day began with a 1,000 foot incline up the side of the mountain.  When I finally made it to the first level I naturally stopped to take a break.  As I reached for a tree to lean on, the letters “EW” stared me right in the face.  Someone had carved this into the tree.  And, obviously these are the initals for Elevator World.  What are the chances of that happening, seriously?  Immediately my mind started wondering about work…..I am going to have so much to catch up on when I get back ; I wonder whats happening with that online  project?; Did I leave an out of office reply for my emails?; I hope no one eats that can of tuna I left on my desk; I really like the new paint color in the mens bathroom. 

Then, as I sank deeper and deeper into the work trance my friend shouted a word most people hiking do not like to hear….BEAR!  About 60 yards to my left was a 350-400 Grizzly (see below photo).  What work?  I grabbed my bear spray and slowly kept moving.  Luckily, the bear basically ignored us and kept moving in the opposite direction.  Me – 1, Bear 0.  I like that score.            

So, that was my vacation.  Couldn’t get away from work , almost got attacked by a grizzly and it snowed nearly 5 inches while we were there, basically a blizzard in May.   Oh, and I got about 100 mosquito  bites on my forehead, neck and arms from the hike in Utah.  Other than that it was awesome!

I do not condone marking trees in any way…just for the record.  And, although this blog had little to do with vertical transportation, I hope you at least liked the story!        

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