Photo(s) of the Week

At first glance it might look like elevators created for the mice in a building. However, “Lift” by Maurizio Cattelan is a minuature art exhibit and not a creation designed to serve as functional building transportation.

The exhibit was recently displayed at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris.  Although the two tiny elevators don’t actually move vertically, they do have doors that open and close as normal. On top of that, they also emit scaled-down versions of the sounds that you would hear from normal elevators.

To be honest, a part of me hopes that one day they actually exist for real as it would be hilariously fun to send small items like pencils, snacks and messages to other floors of a building in a tiny elevator.  This would be a whole new division for the vertical transportation industry.  Although, small moving parts would make maintenance and installation tough I bet and I wonder what kind of code these would need?

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