Photo(s) of the Week

Well, last weeks United Convention in Atlantic City was a great success.  Thanks go out to NAEC, IAEC and NAESAI for putting on a great event.  If you attended, I am sure you are now catching up from being out last week just as I am.  It was good to see many familiar faces and also meeting new ones.  I couldn’t let this “photo of the week” slip away without having at least one funny.  In the Bally’s Casino (where we were staying) I couldn’t help but notice the “Pickles Elevatops” sign as I entered from the famous Boardwalk.  I think we all get the idea that the sign supposed to read “elevators” and not “elevatops”.  Part of the letter “R” had fallen off or taken off in a humorous ploy by a patron.  However, what is a “Pickles Elevator” anyway?  Of course, after a little sleuthing, I found out that Pickles was indeed a restaurant on the second floor.  All makes sense now I suppose.

The second photo is an overhead shot of the expo floor.  As you can see, there was a lot of meeting and greeting to do.  You can check out our Facebook page for more photos of the exhibition or keep an eye out in an upcoming issue of ELEVATOR WORLD magazine!

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