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In addition to publishing the monthly magazine, books and other products, Elevator World also offers research services. Our archive includes every issue of ELEVATOR WORLD (EW) going back to 1953. We can also search within EW India, EW Turkey, EW Middle East and our educational books. These resources cover training, safety, maintenance, modernization, installation, inspection and other industry topics. Here are some common research requests.

Market Trends

By far, the most common request is for statistics, sales, financial reports. While we do not gather data on companies’ financial records, we do have information on trends in national and international markets. (A colleague just handed me a folder with the proof and all the research for her article on China Market Trends. It’s huge!) We run articles on market trends in the magazine and sell large market studies, such as:

Legal Issues

From time to time, law firms contact us for information regarding accidents, safety, technology. Most of the time, we do have the information they are looking for. A recent request came in for copies of old safety handbooks within a certain time period. We scanned every page of the relevant handbooks and emailed the PDF files off to them. We are happy to accommodate such requests, doing whatever it takes to gather the information needed if it is available to us. If you are interested in legal topics within the industry, check out these resources.

Latest Technology

We often get requests for the latest technological innovations in various aspects of the industry. Every month, we publish a “Product Spotlight” section in the magazine that includes new elevator and escalator technologies. Every year, we also publish some of the most prominent technologies in the SOURCE, a directory that is a must-have for anyone in the industry.

Particular Issues

Some of our customers would like particular issues that include articles on them, a parent or a colleague in the industry. Sometimes they do not know exactly which issue it was — which we’re happy to help them find — but sometimes they do. If you know the precise issue you would like, you can order print back issues or digital back issues (starting with EW, November 2009).

Focus Topics

Every month, we focus on a particular topic in the magazine, such as traffic analysis, modernization, or a region like New York City or Turkey. If you are a subscriber, and you would like to read up on a particular topic, you can look over the editorial calendars for the following years to see which issue has what you are looking for: 200620072008200920102011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

No Dumb Questions

Even if we do not currently have the information you are looking for, some requests have led to valuable research studies that were either published as books or articles in the magazine. A recent example includes the article on Paul Schuyler Van Bloem by Dr. Lee Gray (EW, February 2016). A gentleman from New Jersey, Mark Goldstein, had contacted us for information on a very old and interesting indicator in his possession. Our historian correspondent, Dr. Lee Gray, was able to find out some fascinating information on the inventor simply based on the information on the picture of the patent.

So, whatever research question you may have, let us know and we will see if we can get the information you need. Click here for research services, complete the form, and we will contact you with the cost and options. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

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