Sharks swimming Near Mall Escalators

According to GrindTv, this picture was allegedly taken in a shopping mall and science center in Kuwait that recently flooded when the sharks’ tank burst. However, apparently it was just a hoax, and a photographer photo shopped the sharks into the mall photo after being “inspired” by a similar flooding incident. I don’t know about you, but it looks pretty real to me; and I definitely don’t think I’d be taking the escalators as an escape route.

3 thoughts on “Sharks swimming Near Mall Escalators

  1. This is the image take by volunteer personnel during the January 2011 floods in QLD Australia.
    This is at the foot of the Escalators the lead to the Myer Centre Underground Bus Station on
    Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. I know the volunteer that snapped this image, i was there with
    them at the time performing my duties as a volunteer Fire Fighter.

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