Snapshot of the Week!


No, this door doesn’t hold the answers to Area 51, the secret U.S. Air Force base located in Nevada, but it does contain the hardware for EW’s main server and Internet network.  Torri, our Information Technology (IT) guy, takes his job seriously as you can see, albeit with a slight sense of humor.  If you can’t read most of the warning on the door I have copied it below:

Computer Room
Area 51

WARNING — RESTRICTED AREA — NO TRESSPASSING BEYOND THIS POINT.  Authorized personnel only.  It is unlawful to enter this area without prior permission of the Elevator World commander.  You are advised that all personal and any property under their control may be subject to search and seizure whilst in this room.


It is unlawful to effect any photograph, film, map, drawing or any other graphic representation of this area or equipment within this room.  Hackers, viruses and worms are met with swift and decisive action.

So, if you ever visit EW, keep this in mind when touring the office and while taking any pictures.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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