Snapshot of the Week!

Business Card

Yep, that’s me, the official Elevator World “Critter Getter.” I made this business card only a few months after I joined EW over 5 years ago. It all started with a simple cockroach that needed escorting out of the Advertising Department. Since then, my services have helped clear the EW office of lizards, bees, spiders, geckos (this one didn’t talk), caterpillars, rolly pollies and even a bird. So, as you can see, I am well-tested, and it keeps me on my toes.

When my extension rings, I never know if Production needs another advertisement for the magazine or to remove a nest of baby squirrels!

Just for the record, I don’t make house calls, and its all pro bono work for now. But who knows, maybe one day there will be a “BOG’s Critter Getter, Inc.” near you!

Brad (a.k.a “The BOG” and “The Critter Getter”)


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