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Manufacturer Plates

This is just one of three displays of old manufacturer plates that are located in the Elevator World Library.  A few of the plates read:  Salem Elevator –Salem, Virginia; F. Rosenberg Elevator Co. — Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Morse, Williams & Co. — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; H.J. Reedy & Co. — Cincinnati, Ohio; and Hollister-Whitney Co.  Also mixed within the display are a few signal-fixture plates such as push-button plates and floorposition indicators.  These items just add to the great memorabilia of a great industry!

3 thoughts on “Snapshot of the Week!

  1. I love this old stuff Brad! Just some additional information, the four circular name plates mounted in the corners of each board are C.J. Anderson & Company Car Switch inserts that were customized for each customer back in the 1910’s through the 1970’s.

    A complete car switch casting cover plate from CJA sold recently for $995.00 over on ebay.

  2. In other words we need to make sure the security alarm is working properly and possibly install bars on the windows of the library! That’s valuable merchandise!

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! beautiful collection there!! I especially like the Salem elevator stuff since i live here in VA right next to salem 🙂

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