In this new blog series, we will post a snapshot of a unique or funny item found around the EW offices each Wednesday.  This could be a funny picture on the wall, a crazy item on a staff member’s desk or simply something distinctive that has been around for decades.  As I have mentioned before, ELEVATOR WORLD is a unique place and we look to prove it!  So, be sure to check the EW blog on Wednesdays for the latest snapshot.

This week we start with a really BIG map.  Our Editorial Department uses this world map to track our international industry contacts and those staff members that travel far and wide to conferences and exhibitions use it to try and figure out exactly where they will be going (okay, so Geography wasn’t my strong suit in school).  These days, people look to places like Google Maps on the Internet to locate a specific destination.  Not me, I just walk down the hall. 

Best — Brad


Map 2 

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