So, What’s That Blue Asterisk On The Elevator Door?


If you have ever noticed this blue asterisk on an elevator door and wondered what the symbol meant, then today is your lucky day.  The symbol is known as the Star of Life and was originally designed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and trademarked in 1977.  It’s since become the general symbol for emergency medical services. When it appears on an elevator, it generally indicates that an elevator is big enough to hold a stretcher large enough to accommodate a 24″ by 84″ stretcher.  If such elevators are not available, the patient may need to be transported downstairs on a stair chair.  The snake emblem located in the center of the star is known as the Rod of Asclepius, widely used as the symbol of medical care worldwide.  

Check out this blog by for more information or read the Wikipedia page on the Star of Life.  Now you know!

2 thoughts on “So, What’s That Blue Asterisk On The Elevator Door?

  1. Where by code does this symbol have to be on this elevator?
    All floors? Both jambs?

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