South Korea: The World’s First ‘Invisible’ Skyscraper (Coming Soon)


From left to right, a look at how the building will appear when the LED facade system isn’t activated; then lit with 30% power; on the far right, 100% power.

In highly developed countries, it seems that the motto ‘bigger is better’ continues to be the norm.  The Tower Infinity is no exception, however that isn’t its main attribute – it’s being designed to become invisible.  Yes, you heard that right.

As CNN reports, the building will house cameras that will capture real-time images of the surroundings, which will be displayed on hundreds of rows of LED screens spread over the tower and which will allow observers to take in the view that the tower would otherwise block. Digital processing will modify the images to allow the building to blend in with its surroundings further, thereby ensuring the camouflage is even more effective.

The 1,476 feet tower is primarily being designed for leisure activities and will include a series of observation decks, a 4D movie theater, roller coaster, Water Park, and numerous food and beverage outlets.

Once completed, it will be the sixth highest tower and third highest observation deck in the world.  The tower is being designed by GDS architects.

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