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Throughout the year, ELEVATOR WORLD travels to numerous elevator industry trade shows and conferences. As there is little need for a graphic designer at these trade shows, I had yet to attend. Last week, however, I finally had my chance. We were on the road again, but this time with the privilege of attending the Magazine Association of the Southeast’s 20th Annual MAGS Conference in Marietta, Georgia USA.

I was excited, not just because this was my first conference with EW, but also because, let’s face it, on a day-to-day basis, it is very rare to encounter anyone eager and ready to have a in-depth discussion on typography or other design topics. I’m sure most would agree that it is always good to spend some time with people who “speak your language” and are just as excited about your interests as you are.

The trip began as many others, most of the day Wednesday was spent in the car, traveling almost three hundred fifty miles. By the time we arrived, we were definitely ready to stretch our legs!

On our way up to our rooms, we were surprised to find a full-sized Civil war-era canon in the hallway. A plaque nearby revealed a little history on the artifact. This was one of four guns originally provided to the Georgia Military Institute by the United States Government in 1851. After being seized during the Civil War, it was returned to the city of Marietta in 1928. Behind the canon were some beautiful wall murals depicting a commencement ball at the Georgia Military Institute in the 1800s.


After our brief history lesson, the next stop was the opening reception. Stepping out the double doors at the rear of the hotel, I was again reminded of the Old South. Tall, white columns lined the wide veranda, reminiscent of a plantation house. Rocking chairs offered guests the chance to sit back and enjoy a view of the manicured golf course as they made new acquaintances and caught up with old friends. It was a welcome opportunity to mingle with fellow magazine associates and relax after a long day of travel.

Following the reception, our crew was invited to join Walter Evans and Tambra McKerley of Cahaba Media (publisher of Pump & Systems and Construction Business Owner magazines) for dinner. Over wings and hamburgers in the hotel pub, we discussed tips and ideas with our neighbors from Birmingham, Alabama. The evening concluded after lengthy discussions on everything from online features and running an online bookstore to the newest iphone apps and American Idol.


The next morning came early and held a full day of informative sessions on all aspects of the magazine publishing industry. I will spare you the details, but let’s just say I was not disappointed. There was plenty of discussion on typography, photographs, charts, colors, online features, etc.

In the evening, we gathered for the GAMMA awards dinner. Despite stiff competition in the Business-to-Business category, EW did not leave empty-handed. We received four awards in three categories: two honorable mentions for Best Single Cover (May 08 and October 08), an honorable mention for best photography (January 08 “Dexia-Bill Banking Center”) and a bronze for best feature (September 08 “The Brown University Sciences Library Elevator Modernization”).

The sounding of chimes was a unique way to signal the beginning of each new session.

Lillie McWilliams, myself and Lesley Hicks enjoyed our time on the veranda while waiting for the GAMMA awards dinner to begin.

the gang
David Clothier, Lillie McWilliams and Lesley Hicks soak up the sun after a day full of educational sessions.

The second afternoon it was quite warm. Guests took full advantage of any available shade.

Lillie and David display one of our GAMMA awards.


3 thoughts on “Speaking My Language

  1. Congratulations Elevator World on putting out a great publication! It’s nice to see the fruits of your labor recognized!

    Very cool indeed!

  2. Hey Tom, thanks for the kind words. Your right, it is very nice indeed to receive awards of this kind as a reminder of the great teamwork and dedication the staff has here at EW. Again, thanks!

    Keep up the good job over at The Elevator Radio Show and for doing your part to keep the industry connected and informed!

    Elevator World

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