Stand Right, Cats!

We are all familiar with the escalator etiquette rule of “stand on the right” so that others may “walk on the left” (and although walking on an escalator is an unsafe practice, I don’t see our society agreeing to this anytime soon). Just recently, the BBC reported that London Tube operators will be testing this rule through mid-December.

Well apparently this is a problem on the DC Metro as well (especially during ‘Tourist Season’). If only a local DC jazz musician would help produce a tune to really get the message across. Enter: Aaron Myers and his soon-to-be-released song, “Stand Right.”

The tune also features Oren Levine, a local jazz pianist and composer, who wrote the lyrics last year and plays the piano in the recording with Myers. According to the Washington Post article, the song is part of a holiday album the duo co-produced with bassist Percy White.
Take a listen to the tune in the video below:

As the chorus goes:

“Stand right, walk left, on the Metro escalator, It’s what the locals do. Stand right. It’s my piece of advice to you.”

Myers goes a little deeper by making a point that in DC, Congress can’t agree on on anything…

“My congressman told me, in his office on the Hill, after meeting his committee and voting on a bill. We can’t decide on health care and are not aligned on welfare.”

… but the ‘golden rule’ of escalator riding is something all mankind should accept.
Myers said he hopes it serves as a warning to Washington visitors who slow down locals walking up or down the escalator.

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