Photo(s) of the Week


So, it’s almost April and many of you still have snow on the ground (and more falling).  But, have you ever needed to use an elevator to transport snow like these University of Iowa employees?  On February 2, a massive winter storm hit Iowa City.  Strong winds caused the heavy snow to blow in and restrict the Carver Biomedical Research Building’s air supply intake.  There was so much impacted snow that employees had to move it out of the building by using large bins and the elevators!

By the way, there is no snow to report (or transport) here in the South Alabama region (U.S.A.), home of Elevator World, Inc.  Below is a photo taken just this past weekend.  Welcome spring!


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Snow at EW

Snow? In Mobile, Alabama? Yes, but you must look very close! The picture above was taken on Friday, February 12, and it shows a light snowfall taking place at the main office of Elevator World, Inc. So, many of you may be asking yourself what’s so unique about a snow shower? Well, this happened to be the first one in 14 years for our city. Of my 36 years of living in this area, I can count the number of times it has snowed on one hand. It happens only about every 10-12 years. So, when it does snow, it’s a big deal! 

You see, when the temperature reaches below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, people around this part of the world begin to make a fire, get out the turtleneck shirts and trench coats, and the local weathermen issue winter weather advisories. The city almost goes into lockdown mode. We are just not used to it. Now, we know how to live through hurricanes that bring 100+ mile-per-hour winds and leave us without power for two weeks, but snow just takes it to a whole different level for us. We do not own snow shovels, ice scrapers or tire chains, and we think black ice is what happens when we drop our iced tea on the ground.

Schools were closed a day in advance of this supposed “Great Winter Storm of 2010,” people were stocking up on supplies, pets and plants were being brought inside, the dust-covered mittens and scarves were being pulled from the attic, and businesses were preparing their plans for the fateful day. Although counties just to our north received as much a 7-8 inches, we only received about a half inch of snow. What a letdown. I was so looking forward to the family snow ball fight. I still owe my brother from the beating he gave me back in 1996. As you can see, I hold grudges.

So, the “Great Winter Storm of 2010” was not meant to be for us folks living in Mobile. But, looking on the bright side of things, at least I have enough Vienna sausages, canned tuna and batteries for hurricane season when it arrives in early June. And, the day off from work was a bonus. All we can do now is sit back, enjoy the warmer weather we are now experiencing (and accustomed to) and await the “Great Winter Storm of 2024”!