Not a Gator Elevator

A pair of deputies keep an alligator at bay outside an elevator at the Estero Parc apartments in Florida; image via the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

OK, we’ve all heard stories of elevator entrapments. And, tales of wildlife getting a little too close for comfort are all too common. But combining elevators and alligators is a new one, and something residents of an apartment complex in southwest Florida surely pray won’t happen to them again. According to UPI, it all started on August 3 at the Estero Parc apartments in Lee County, south of Tampa Bay on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Several riders ready to exit their elevator were stunned when the doors opened and just outside the car sat a small alligator. Now, alligators are not unusual sights in coastal Florida, but it has to be a bit unnerving when one is blocking your only way out. Fortunately, deputies from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office were able to keep the critter corralled until a wildlife handler arrived on the scene and removed the scaly trespasser. There were no reports of injuries to either the people involved or the wayward reptile.