Andre-Marie Ampere

January 20 is Andre-Marie Ampere’s 241st birthday. Here is a short biography of his life and the work he was involved in from the Elevator Museum.

2016.01.20 AndreDespite not attending school, Andre-Marie Ampere was to be given an excellent education. It has been claimed that Ampere had mastered all known mathematics by the age of twelve years but this seems somewhat of an exaggeration since, by Ampere’s own account, he did not start to read elementary mathematics books until he was 13 years old.
In 1797 Ampere earned a living tutoring mathematics until 1802 when he was appointed professor of physics and chemistry at Bourg Ecole Centrale. He was appointed professor of mathematics at the Ecole Polytechnique in 1809, where he held posts until 1828. Ampere was appointed to chair at Universite de France in 1826 which he held until his death. Although a mathematics professor, his interests included, in addition to mathematics, metaphysics, physics and chemistry. Ampere was also making significant contributions to chemistry.
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