Where do the buttons next to 17 take you?

The more I look at this chaotic car panel, the more I find wrong with it. There seems to have once been an attempt to organize the buttons logically, but that time seems to be long gone. I wish I knew more about the location and history of this building. Besides the question in the title, a few others I’d like answered is, “How many new floors were built over the years?” “Was it that much trouble to renumber them?” and “How short are the push button wires?”

Photo of the Week

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This hotel elevator happens to have two sets of buttons…one for staff and one for guests.  I have personally never encountered this before.  However, I am going to venture out and guess as to why.  Here it goes…the staff buttons are “express” buttons meant to take them directly to the indicated floor without stopping to pick up passengers.  That way the guests don’t have to ride in an elevator with something like a huge bin of stinky laundry.

Of course this is just a guess and I am sure that one of our readers out there has the answer.  So, lets hear it…