Elevator Owner in Japan Adapting to a new COVID-19 World

An elevator owner in Japan posted a few pictures recently showing how he is adapting to a new COVID-19 world, SoraNews24 says. One photo, titled, “You Never Know Who’s Been in There Before You,” shows a group of passengers apparently dressed as COVID-19 as if for Halloween, standing ominously inside an elevator cab. It’s actually pretty funny. The other is more utilitarian, showing blocks of Styrofoam holding scores of toothpicks next to the elevator button panel and outside the elevator. The second, toothpick picture, raised a few issues with this scenario, such as the toothpicks being too closely packed together, and the fact that someone sneezing or coughing on them could ruin the whole lot. The best suggestion: “One of the toothpicks should have ‘winner’ written on it, like popsicle sticks do, and then get a prize.