Where do the buttons next to 17 take you?

The more I look at this chaotic car panel, the more I find wrong with it. There seems to have once been an attempt to organize the buttons logically, but that time seems to be long gone. I wish I knew more about the location and history of this building. Besides the question in the title, a few others I’d like answered is, “How many new floors were built over the years?” “Was it that much trouble to renumber them?” and “How short are the push button wires?”


…this according to Microban.    They have just released the results of some research done by the University of Arizona which suggests that the level of bacteria on elevator buttons is three times higher than the amount found on public toilets.

Research carried out in hotels, restaurants, banks, offices and airports, showed that the level of bacteria on lift buttons averaged 2,200 colony forming units per square centimetre, compared to 8 on the average public toilet seat. Among the common bacteria likely to be found are E-coli, Staph-aureus and MRSA…research was conducted by the University of Arizona by collecting samples from hotels, restaurants, banks, offices and airports. The buttons were swabbed with Spongesicle containing 10ml of neutralizing buffer. The estimated surface swabbed on each button was 7.06 square centimeters. Agar plates were incubated for five days at 30 degrees centigrade and bacteria colonies were then counted.

This apparantly has been a hot topic lately.  Just look at this Google search page.