A Different “10 Questions”

Jerry Pi
Jerry Pi (right) and his father

ELEVATOR WORLD’s “10 Questions” Industry Dialogues have proven popular. Have they been popular enough to be picked up by NYC high-rise canvassing site New York YIMBY? Maybe, as the site recently asks Jerry Pi and his father, the principals of Pi Capital Partners, a series of pertinent questions. The NYC real estate developers serve more than 2,000 tenants, clients and customers; have 40 properties; and develop, manage and invest more than US$2 billion. They answer questions about the past, present and future in the excellent interview, which touches on Madison Square Gardens, Macy’s Tower, the particular challenges of 2020 and more.

Look for EW’s own interview, by Matthew Jackson, in the December issue. Our longtime correspondent and elevator man sits down with Greater NYC-based TEI Group Principals Mark Gregorio and Michael Staub.

Dr. Albert So on Elevators and Technology

After the publication of the second volume in the Educational Focus series, Educational Focus, Volume 2, I (HV) interviewed editor Dr. Albert So (AS) about the book and his perspective on the elevator industry. Dr. So is an executive board member and scientific advisor of the International Association of Elevator Engineers (IAEE). He is also the academic secretary for the IAEE HK-China Branch and honorary visiting professor of the University of Northampton in the U.K. He serves on the Technical Advisory Group of Elevator World, Inc., and is based in Seattle.

FOCUSVOL2HV: How did you become involved in the writing and production of Educational Focus, Volume 2?
AS: I have been associated with Elevator World (EW) for more than 10 years as the international correspondent, and I contributed technical articles to EW from time to time. Starting early 2014, I had been engaged as a contract writer of EW by monthly contributing technical articles and taking the lead to prepare two new volumes of Educational Focus. As a matter of fact, years ago, I was one loyal reader and user of Educational Focus, Volume 1, for my courses in the university. It was natural for me to help compile Volume 2 and then Volume 3. By August of 2014, I was further invited to become a member of the Technical Advisory Group of EW, and have been involved in reviewing articles submitted to EW. Continue reading