Happy NEII New Year

No one at ELEVATOR WORLD is fan of Zoom screenshots. Most people look odd, old and disconnected (pun intended). However, in the January 2021 issue of their NEII Insider newsletter, our friends at the National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) recently shared a lovely Zoom screenshot of the staff wishing the industry a Happy New Year. The colorful, doctored-up shot shows staff holding masks in front of a background of fireworks. Each team member looks happy, youthful and hopeful. Pictured are: Executive Director Amy Blankenbiller, Chelsea Chaney, Government Affairs; Nicole Van Velzen, Communications, Katelyn Baldwin, CodeFinder Database editor, Megan Hensley, project manager; new team member Phil Grone, Government Affairs; Kevin Brinkman, Codes & Safety and John Carlson, Codes. Cheers, NEII! All Zoom screenshots should look like this.

EW Hosts The NEII Safety Committee

Safety Committee1On October 22-23 the NEII® Field Employee Safety Committee met at the Elevator World office to discuss and review important changes that will be made to the new 2015 Elevator Industry Employees’ Safety Handbook.  The Safety Handbook (for short) has long been considered “the” safety standard for protection of field employees on construction or maintenance jobs. The new handbook is scheduled to be made available to the industry by March 2015.  For updates on this new manual and additional jobsite safety information click here.  To purchase the current 2010 (with 2011 revisions) Safety Handbook click here.  To learn more about NEII you can visit their website here.       

Time to Think Safety


  • As the EESF prepares to spread the word about elevator and escalator safety during their National Safety Week I thought that it would be a good idea to expand on the subject of safety.  From the EESF website you will find a plethora of information such as a safety week kit, how to volunteer, PSA and even a planning guide to help you with your own safety awareness project.  I hope that you and/or your company not only get involved this week but regularly throughout the year.
  • On another note, the holiday season is already upon us.  November and December are arguably the busiest months for traveling and shopping.  This means that millions of people will flood the airports and shopping centers during this time.  What most people do not think about in all this excitement  is elevator and escalator safety.  So, when out and about please think about the below safety tips provided by The National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII):

Escalator Safety tips

Elevator Safety tips

  • NEII is the expert in building transportation safety. NEII works to develop and promote updated safety codes, encourage the adaptation of the latest safety technologies, and ensure passengers are informed on the safest riding procedures for elevators and escalators.  Visit their website for more information, including employee safety.
  • The Elevator World Jobsite Safety site is your resource for all things related to safety for vertical transportation professionals on the jobsite.  NOTE:  A brand new website (www.elevatorjobsitesafety.com) is under construction and will debut on January 1, 2014.  Stay tuned.
  • Need more educational materials for your companies safety program?  Visit Elevator World’s online educational safety section for Safety Meetings (Toolbox Talks), Safety Handbook for Field Employees, Job Hazard Assessment Forms and more.

Keep in mind…A SLOGAN CANT KEEP THEM SAFE!  Please take advantage of these tips and materials and stay safe out there!  If anyone would like to add to this list post a comment and I will add/update as needed.