Tweets of the Week

:  Funeral service manager, home ec teacher, elevator repair, and other surprising jobs that earn six figures

:  abandoned elevator shaft hides a secret museum in NYC

All you have to do to learn more about Einstein’s principle of equivalence is ride an elevator!

:   How far into the future do we have to go until both groups of people entering and exiting an elevator don’t stand still, helpless

I celebrated Pioneer Day by not taking the elevator. If my ancestors can walk across the continental U.S., I can make 12 flights of stairs.

:   Basic elevator rescue techniques for all levels of experience,

The classic escalator fail 41480.29

That awkward moment when your shoe gets caught in the fashion square escalator and ends up jamming it..

: & Cy cruisin’ down the escalator together.

Mascot party on the escalator.

When Holloway Road tube was built it had an experimental, and sadly never used, spiral escalator. Fancy.

Since when has this sign meant “escalator?” I thought this thing meant “log-flume ride.” Now I’m disappointed.

Tweets of the Week

Elevator and Escalator Audits are Critical to High-Rise Safety and Performance – via

Next time you’re in an elevator with the CEO, trade in your cold sweat for confidence with these tips.

:  WATCH: Russian man rescues dog from elevator

:   Statement from the National Elevator Escalator Association via

  What did he say? Talk like an elevator expert using the elevator and escalator glossary!

:  At YouTube Headquarters, employees can either take the elevator, stairs or slide.

Guy on the elevator said the top half of my body “looks NYC” & the bottom half “looks Florida.” Not sure if thats a compliment or a cutdown?

Whenever I see a broken elevator I tend to stair

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even in the workplace elevator lol.

I once lost my balance on an escalator and fell down the stairs for 2 hours.

I would do anything for love but I won’t do that. (walk up a broken escalator)

A permanent ladder is being installed to get to the summit of Everest. I’m still not tempted. I’ll wait till an escalator is put in!

  Seattle airport….why do 98% go for escalator, even wait in line vs. stairs. People need to move more!

  It’s okay I stopped the escalator in Bloomingdales in the city because my skirt got caught right?


Cool RT : Through the looking .. panoramic elevator makes for an eyecatching feature