Taking Public-Transit Bashing to the Next Level and … Rats!

San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is notorious for its myriad problems, whether it’s rat infestations (that can involve rats scrambling up or down an escalator like any commuter), people using the escalators as restrooms, or simply out-of-service units. A local website called Muni Diaries describes itself as a “your place to share transit stories.” But it doesn’t stop there: It looks like all the best Muni Diaries stories will be performed live onstage at the Elbo Room on April 15, and there will even be a haiku battle! Tickets are on are sale now. Here is one of my favorite recent pictures from the Muni Diaries site, and above is a rat riding a BART escalator. Like many of us, he doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere.


The BART escalator will apparently reopen when hell freezes over.

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