Tall Buildings in Mexico


Mexico has 16 completed tall buildings, most of them office buildings. They range in height from 492 ft. (150 m) to 738 ft. (225 m), with 31 to 55 floors. The tallest building, Torre Mayor, in Mexico City, has 55 floors above and four floors below ground. It has 29 Schindler elevators, traveling at a maximum speed of 6 mps.

Nine tall buildings are currently under construction, four of which will be taller than Torre Mayor when they are completed over the next three years: Torre Koi in Monterrey and Torre Reforma, Punto Chapultepec and Torre Paradox in Mexico City. Torre Koi will be 906 ft. (276 m) tall with 67 floors when it is completed next year. Schindler is outfitting Torre Reforma with 27 elevators, traveling at a maximum of 5 mps.

But Mexico is not content with the height of Torre Mayor or Torre Koi. Another tall building has been proposed for Monterrey, the Torre Insignia, which will stand at a height of 1,083 ft. (330 m) with 77 floors. It is projected to be completed in 2019. Not to be overshadowed, Mexico City has envisioned the Barrio Capital, also at 1,083 ft. (330 m) with 26 floors for a museum, library or something else.

Visit “The Skyscraper Center: The Global Tall Building Database of the CTBUH” for more information: www.skyscrapercenter.com. Also, see the market trends article, “North America and Mexico” by Kaija Wilkinson, published in ELEVATOR WORLD, October 2013, available in digital or print.

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