“Terrifying,” “Shocking” Escalator Incident With a Happy Ending

News outlets, especially more sensational ones in places like the U.K., love reporting on elevator and escalator incidents involving people — especially young children — finding themselves in dangerous situations. Sometimes, fingers and toes are ripped off. In one tragic case, escalator steps crumbled, causing a woman to fall into the mechanisms below to her death. One recent escalator incident, reported by outlets including Yahoo News, had a far happier ending, with a young boy emerging unscathed after riding up the entire length of an escalator at a mall in Thailand — gripping the handrail with his small hand as his older brother looked on. Although properly manufactured, maintained and installed elevators and escalators are indisputably a very safe mode of transportation, a mall representative observed that this incident, captured in the video below, serves as an excellent reminder that parents should ALWAYS keep a close eye on children, especially around vertical-transportation equipment.

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