The Cube

The elevator industry is full of many generous people who never seem too busy to lend a helping hand or spend hours creating something for someone else.

Recently, while browsing LinkedIn, an example of such came across my feed. Simply dubbed “The Cube” by imgur user , its creators are proud employees of Midwest Elevator Company, Inc. Here’s the original post by Branch Manager Brent Snyder, with more information.


Elevator World’s Associate Editor, Kaija Wilkinson will have the full story in the April 2017 issue, so be sure to subscribe today!

2 thoughts on “The Cube

  1. Midwest Elevator is a good customer so we built this for Miles and Midwest at no cost.

    Much respect, Midwest and Miles.

  2. Thank you for spreading the word about this amazing act of kindness. Our son, Miles, loves the cube that he was given. Thank you Midwest Elevator Company and Innovation Industries!

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