The Dumbwaiter Restaurant

by Hanno van der Bijl


My wife and I recently ate at the Dumbwaiter Restaurant, a new restaurant in Mobile, Alabama. After a terrific meal at the bar (I highly recommend the “Alabama Benedict”), I walked towards the back of the restaurant. “Is this the dumbwaiter?” I asked the chef. “This is the dumbwaiter!” he replied.

IMG_5942The friendly chef opened the collapsible car gate, and went on to explain that it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair the dumbwaiter, so they’ve just been using it to store their beer and wine. Here’s to the day when this dumbwaiter will rise again. Cheers!



1 thought on “The Dumbwaiter Restaurant

  1. My wife has recently suffered a quite major injury and won’t be back on her feet fully again for awhile and so I’ve been wanting to get something that can help her from going up and down the stairs. I really loved the restaurant that you had shown that used the dumbwaiter to transport things between floors for efficiency. A dumbwaiter would be the perfect thing that my wife could use to avoid the need to go up and down the stairs for simple things, I might have to look into getting one installed.

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