The Economy

The economy is changing the way we all spend our money be it personally or in business. Here at Elevator World we have been affected by the recession but thankfully many of our dedicated clients understand how important it is to advertise, subscribe and educate their people when the economy is slow. Staying connected to your industry is more important now than ever and promoting your business when many have become timid shines a brighter light on your company and its products and services.


Commercial construction, and high rise in particular, is down everywhere and this tends to affect the elevator industry for 6-months or so after the worst of a recession. We know that maintenance, repair and modernization are supporting the industry now while purchasing of new units and equipment has slowed. Used parts and aftermarket suppliers seemed to be fairing well but starts on new jobs are down. The commercial building economy differs by region of the country – and even how far you work from a major city.  We want to know how this economy is affecting your business specifically. Is the elevator industry in your area “steady”, “over the hump”, “at the bottom of the tank”, or “getting ready to move up to the penthouse”?  Consider posting a comment to our blog about this topic.



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