The Elevator as Farmer’s Market

A neighbor of Jiang Haiyun’s praised her for leaving a bag of peppers in the elevator.

Most people use elevators to go up or down in a building. Some use them to practice a sales pitch. But, for Jiang Haiyun, a doctor in Quzhou, China, her building’s elevator seemed the logical place to share a bounty of fresh chili peppers with her neighbors earlier this month, reports the website Shine.

Jiang Haiyun with a young patient.

Jiang’s parents, who live in the nearby countryside, often bring her seasonal vegetables. It’s been a great year for chili peppers, so during a recent visit they brought her chilis. A lot of chilis — more than she could use. Jiang’s immediate thought was to share them with her neighbors, but didn’t like the idea of knocking on doors. Her solution? Leave a nearly 3.5-lb. bag of peppers in the elevator with a note saying they were free for the taking.

The “taking” didn’t take long. Within 20 minutes, several of her neighbors had snapped up the spicy, pungent delights. They were quick to praise Jiang, with one social media post calling her a “great Chinese neighbor.”

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