The Future of Service

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Imagine if your elevators could tell you when they needed maintenance and locate the problem. Imagine if your elevators could even assign a specialist to the repair and tell you what parts needed to be fixed? The future of service is coming, and it’s supported by the Internet of Things.

A fully integrated solution starts when your elevators notify you that they need maintenance. They can send a dispatch to a field tech, letting them know what the problem is and what they’ll need to fix it. Once the problem is fixed, a manager can view stats on how long the service took, and view which teams have the best times, and which teams need to improve. On top of that, with the data collected from the elevator itself, valuable insight can be provided into the wear and tear on equipment based on usage and type.

The future of service is changing. Learn how to take your service further with a mobile solution.

Caitlin Haskins
Marketing Program Specialist

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