The Laughing Escalators


By just looking at these escalators, located in the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, one would think it was simply your ordinary group of people movers.  Well, not exactly.  They laugh.  No, seriously, these escalators actually laugh.  I am not sure if this would be a fun experience or a creepy one (like a chapter taken right out of a Stephen King novel).

Regardless of what I think, here is how the convention centers website describes these unique escalators: a variety of clear, wholesome voices are used in artist Jim Green’s installation. Visitors descending on the escalator from the exhibit hall level will encounter an unexpected serenade of laughter that is mysteriously rising from beneath their feet. Recorded laughs come up through the small cracks between steps with a different voice every eight feet of the ride. Inside, a 4-channel sound system broadcasts a “call and response” volley of laughter between the speakers. Mr. Green uses sound to engage the public with humor and surprise; using sound to encourage greater interaction with his work and a stronger connection to everyday life.”

See, I am not making this up:

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