The Long Wait Home

Collection 11 in our Hall of Humor

by William C. Sturgeon


No doubt the greatest irreverence was the depiction of long-suffering passengers waiting in the lobby — and waiting — for a car to respond to their call. Insiders know elevator cars respond faster than aircraft, trains, buses, taxies and other forms of public transportation. They also know most buildings are over-elevatored due to modern traffic-handling devices, and that a 30-second wait in the corridor is cause for heavy discussion involving elevator contractor, maintenance superintendent and the building manager! Building occupants undoubtedly wish they could as quickly continue their journey in a taxi, bus or train as they did coming down from an upper floor. As elevators represent the most efficient form of public transportation, cartoonists were stimulated to depict frustrated building occupants in the lobbies. They showed no favorites — building occupants were seen as waiting endlessly for automatic elevators as for those controlled by attendants! 

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