The Lunar Elevator is the new Space Elevator



As you probably know, the idea of an elevator to space has been around for quite a while. It’s radical. It’s complicated and if we are being honest, it’s just cool. Well if you ask Michael Laine, President and Chief Strategic Officer of LiftPort Group, it’s going to happen by 2020. Except this one is going to be based on the moon. LiftPort Group’s mission statement says “We want to link Humanity from our Home to our Moon, to our Planets, and to the Stars”

Their plan is to use a ‘ribbon’ cable to transport material, robots and even humans to and from the surface of the moon.
This cable would be attached to a space station around the moon. In order to keep this space station stationary, it will be placed in a Lagrange Point – which is a specific location in an orbital configuration where the gravitational pull of two bodies cancel each other out.

LiftPort Group also says this could serve as a predecessor to an Earth-based elevator to the moon and is adamant about construction beginning by 2020.

If this becomes a reality, will we have to change our name to ElevatorGalaxy?

Anyway, check out their website here for more (technical) information and be sure to leave us a comment!

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3 thoughts on “The Lunar Elevator is the new Space Elevator

  1. Wow, what a concept. We manufacture residential elevators so it’s hard to imagine an elevator that goes to the moon, the stars and just to space. It’s a very creative idea that would be wonderful to see in action. Do you think it will really become a reality in 6 more years?

  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for your comment! I believe anything is possible, but this concept has been around for quite some time. It seems like the projected start years just keep getting pushed back. But I would definitely love to see some progress on it this time around!

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