The Pesky Pistons

Collection 12 in our Hall of Humor

by William C. Sturgeon

ch12-1aWith the advent of Variable Voltage and AC or DC Leveling, accurate car positioning at the floors was assured and the cartoonist had to look elsewhere to get his kicks! Even while geared and gearless elevator speeds increased in high-rise buildings, the oil-hydraulic type became very popular in applications from two to six floors — and an obvious target for the graphic humorist. At a top operating speed of 175 feet per minute, the direct-action oil hydraulic wasn’t meant to set speed records. Instead, the problems of these sturdy, reliable work horses (freight or passenger) were well out of sight — the pesky jack holes depicted earlier by Joe McNally. The old reliable pistons/plungers became diabolical weapons! As always the graphic satirist found the tender spot! 

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