The Tallest Are…

These are just a few of the tallest buildings in the world, as shared by website Visual Capitalist. Know where they are? Follow their link below for the full list.

At ELEVATOR WORLD, we love to follow sources that keep tabs on all kinds of great things, such as elevators, the latest products and interesting designs. And, of course, the world’s tallest buildings. We often treat you with what we find from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat; it’s an unbeatable source for information about the world’s high rises. From time to time, however, we find other sources that offer excellent looks at tall buildings, and this is no different: behold, Visual Capitalist. They recently shared listings of the world’s tallest buildings, including drawings (we offer just a snip here) that show you where they are and how they stack up. Check it out on their website!

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