The View From The Top

EW Penthouse

This photo is taken from the top floor (penthouse level) of our offices here at ELEVATOR WORLD. This is our conference room, and actually the only room we have that’s not on the ground floor. 

Nope, no skyscraper or mid-rise office building with multiple elevators. In fact, our offices here in Mobile, Alabama (USA) actually have less than 50 stairs divided between the four properties and if we had any elevators at all we would have needed a CAT® (Certified Accessibility & Private Residence Lift Technician) to install it.  You see, we work in a mainly residential area that has some buildings, like ours, that have been renovated into offices.

That’s right.  And, don’t worry, you are not in the minority if you thought otherwise. Most of the people I talk to around the globe also have this misconception. It’s actually a very unique and interesting atmosphere in which to work in.  For instance, right now I am peering out my office window at the beautiful blue sky — our lawn maintenance guy is blowing leaves and a cat that is trying to catch a squirrel on top of the Editorial building. Where else would you find that?

Of the four buildings only two actually house our 23 employees.  What are the other two for?  Let’s get started:    

This is the main building where the large majority (20) of our employees works.  Within the building are the Education, Production, Advertising and Editorial departments.  So, for the most part, the magazine is written, edited and designed here.  Our educational books and software are also housed and shipped from here as well.
EW Main Office

This is the Administration building.  It accommodates the remaining three employees.  Included are Human Resources, Accounting and Information Technology.

EW Administration Building

This is the Library Building.  It includes a myriad of information (books, film, photos, etc.) on the industry dating back to the turn of the century and is mainly used for research and historic reference.  Any visitor to ELEVATOR WORLD is always free to have a look around!

EW Library Building

This is simply a storage building.  I don’t think I need to expand on this one.

EW Storage Building

Well, there’s the exterior tour of Elevator World, Inc.  I hope I have erased the delusions of my penthouse office from your minds and instead put the image of your own home’s master bedroom.  It really is a neat place to work and, you know, it’s almost like working from home.  Well, minus the flannel PJ’s and add co-workers.



P.S.  Next time we will tour the inside of EW.  In each subsequent post, we will explore the different departments.  Hopefully, we will be able to give you an idea of how each department influences the outcome of your monthly ELEVATOR WORLD magazine.

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