Top 10 Elevator Songs

According to a recent article, the songs below, in instrumental jazz or easy listening versions, have been heard the most in elevators around the world:


When You Wish upon a Star

Hernando’s Hideaway

Dream a Little Dream

You Light up My Life

The Hustle

Sometimes When We Touch


Endless Love

Danke Schoen

Is it just me or is it actually hard to find an elevator that plays music these days?

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Elevator Songs

  1. 1. Love on a Real Train – Tangerine Dream from “Risky Business”
    2. Manhattan Skyline – David Shire from the “Saturday Night Fever” Soundtrack
    3. Feels So Good – Chuck Mangione

  2. Maybe I’m confusing or overlapping this with ‘beautiful music’, but I haven’t heard anything I recall from my youth. I suggest you watch ‘The Blues Brothers’ movie’s elevator/lobby scene to hear what I want..

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