Top Venture Capitalist Calls for “Urban Innovation” for Elevators

Michael Eisenberg, a venture capitalist and director of of automobile technology company Nexar Inc. and insurance startup Lemonade Inc., is considered one of the world’s top investors by such publications as Forbes. Now, he’s talking about elevators. As he writes about drones and pinpiont delivery in an opinion piece on CTECH, he adds, “Simply put, elevators do not serve customers today. Residential buildings today do not serve the residents living in our new ecommerce, micro-mobility society. That needs to change.”

I have a couple questions about this article. First, why doesn’t it mention thyssenkrupp’s MULTI? It doesn’t seem like the elevator industry is letting this “ripe for innovation” industry die on the vine. Also, as someone who lives in the country, I have to wonder if getting packages is as much of a chore as this article makes it out to be.

Do you have any ideas for what Eisenberg calls “the ‘last 50 floors’ of mobility”? Is it overdramatized? Is repurposing garbage shoots as a sort of dumbwaiter even viable? Check out the first part of the article series on CTECH‘s website here.

Michael Eisenberg is a cofounder of Tel Aviv-based Aleph Venture Capital who has worked in venture capital for more than 20 years.

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