Tweets of the Week

@MeetingBoy:  A guy on the elevator had 2 suitcases and a backpack. Either he’s going on a long business trip, or moving into his office.

@TKE_Americas:  Did you know: The maximum altitude that one cable-hoisted elevator can achieve is 1700 feet. (via )

@Hanshaaappp:  HOW TO SCARE PEOPLE IN AN ELEVATOR: pull out a picture of yourself and ask them “have you seen this person?”..

@Blarebare:  A smart way to continue being the only person on your elevator is to bark loudly whenever the doors open on another floor.

@FactUP:  16% of workers admitted to purposely closing the elevator door when they saw someone approaching.

@AwkwardJim:  Gets off elevator at the wrong floor. Keeps walking as if the right floor.

@YOSushi:  Well, that escalated quickly. (Well, what else would you expect from a 3 ft escalator…)

@qwertykyle:  I love when you’re in the lobby of a hotel elevator and someone asks if you’re going up… No I’m going to the basement.

@SeanFitz_Gerald:  Terrifying Mascot Update: It is waiting for the elevator. Possibly to devour souls on another floor. More to come …

@utau_Kanochi:  If there’s a stairway to heaven, there’s an elevator too right? An escalator? No? Well then…

@OtisElevatorCo:  Ever wonder how the elevator machine gets to the top of the building?

@WTCProgress:  One WTC has some of the world’s largest elevator motors tipping in at 50,000 pounds each.

@WTCProgress:  Progress continues with installation of Escalator trusses @WTC Transportation Hub.

@TerryWAyers:  Sign in elevator – in case of fire please leave building before you Tweet about it. Great social media terms article. …

@AlimakHekUK:  Fancy an #elevator that travels at 40 mph–fast enough to reach the top floor, 2038 feet up, in just 35 seconds?

@GWRnews:  (Dan) Joey Kelly here climbed up an exhausting 50,085 descending escalator stairs in 24 hours! –

@mlk6_:  How many people can we fit into Tower’s elevator?! Apparently 17

@alxanders:  Somebody lost their hair in the elevator. Lol #weavebreakdown

@CNNMoney:  Check out this $39 million yacht with a an elevator that takes guests to four living levels.

@ThePoke:  No dancing/jazz hands on the escalator. (via @Pundamentalism)

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