Tweets of the Week

@TIME: WATCH: Would you stop a murder in an elevator?  (via @TIMENewsFeed)

@OtisElevatorCo:  Otis is 1 month away from its 160th Anniversary! What do you think is the biggest #elevator advancement in the past 160 years? #otis160

@designtaxi:  These brilliant elevator ads will make waiting for the lift fun

@HotelChatter:  Nope, it wasn’t a sitcom. Cast of ‘Modern Family’ got trapped in a Sheraton elevator:

@WolfpackAlan:  Does anyone else get in a crowded elevator & look at the maximum weight allowed and start mentally calculating everyone’s weight?

@naazihah:  I don’t care how well we know each other – if I say bye when we exit the elevator and we walk the same way, I’ll pretend we’ve never met.

@omgthatspunny:  I’ve never taken an elevator to the basement floor, that’s just beneath me.

@LaurenMosher:  I’ve got to come up with a better elevator activity than fake texting. It’s not fooling anyone.

@Insparisk:  how to move forward with failed elevator inspections: as step by step guide …

@BananaKarenina:  My 2 fav urban foxes – riding the escalator, and visiting the National Portrait Gallery: …

@TKE_Americas:  Not an escalator…but elegantly modeled after one!

@jaimelynbeatty:  World’s teensiest escalator

@IamEnidColeslaw:  sure walking on water is a miracle but I just took the stairs instead of the escalator

@WTCProgress: Progress continues with installation of Escalator trusses @WTC Transportation Hub.

@chriscortez:  Is this not thee best inside of an elevator you’ve ever seen or what?? #waltdisney #mickeymouse #1901…

@jonathanrobles:  Riding the elevator with two people who can’t stop laughing and I’m not in on the joke. I’ve never felt so alone.

@urbaninfogirl:  Strong, strong smell of Polo in the elevator just now. Holy high school flashback.

@TheEmmaKate:  Some days I take the stairs at work and feel like a champion. Other days I take the stairs and feel like death. Most days I use the elevator

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