Tweets of The Week

@kayleen_powell:  Some lady on the elevator thought she knew me and started asking me how is the baby…. I don’t have a baby …

@ryanwhitney6:  We set up an office for Ladislav Smid to negotiate his new contract, but I don’t think he knew he was in an elevator

@StiltzLifts:  Did you know that the first commercial passenger elevator was installed by the Otis Elevator Company in 1857 in New York City.

@standardny:  Clip of the Day! The Elevator Experiment, a revealing 1962 clip from Candid Camera called “Face the Rear” ->  #Science

@jorgegarciaSomeone couldn’t finish their banana. So they left it by the elevator. Guess he really just wanted the peel.

@OtisElevatorCoIn 1854, Elisha Otis’ safety brake demo made his elevator sales shoot up. He sold 7 that year and 15 in 1855 #otis160

@NEII_TweetsWe’ve seen some #ExceptionalElevators before, but never a luxury penthouse restroom in an elevator shaft! Wild!

@LauraJMossWoman on elevator: Is that a cat playing cowbell on your shirt? Me: Yes, I went to the cat circus last week. Woman: That’s… a thing?

@TianaBriganti: On the elevator this kid watched some girl struggle with her things and he says “I’d help you but I don’t know you” #AwkwardAward

@katienotholmes:  The woman that just brought McDonald’s into the elevator? She may have come in, but only her fries may come out. I’m that hungry.

@abbyproulx:   I just heard someone point out the broken escalator and then ask how they were going to get upstairs now

@JesseGrinter:  A giant Easter Bunny was next to me on the escalator today. I looked over and said ‘What’s up’. The bunny goes ‘Not much, man’ #goodfriday

@NYCTSubwayScoop:    #SubNews: Installation of escalator leading from mixing bowl to street level of #FultonCenter

@TheGoogleFactzThe word “escalate” did not exist until the escalator was invented.

@KKAlThaniGym machine idea: an escalator where you have to walk the opposite direction. The bottom has a shark tank. The top is a cage full of lions.

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