Tweets of the Week

:  IEUC and NEEA negotiations held today. will meet again tomorrow. for resolution and return to full Ontario elevator service

  Otis installed its first elevators in China in 1888 – a country that today accounts for half of all global elevator sales

7 Line Subway Extension Will Have Awesome Willy Wonka Style Incline Elevator

Elevator Apprentice Hopefuls Line Up By The Thousands

  Secrets Of The Royal Household- Buckingham Place has it’s own specially designed lift

  Checkout this massive elevator section weighing 10 tons at the WTC Transportation Hub Oculus.

  I can’t believe I didn’t get a Tony nomination for my performance in “Pretending to hold the elevator while secretly pressing ‘close door.'”

  Afraid of heights? Then this elevator will leave you breathless! Fortunately, it’s only a concept

  Hmm… Guy in elevator next to me blasting ‘i wanna dance with somebody’ though his beats headphones…

:  75 % of people do not know when there is no room left in the Elevator.

  I’m sure my son has got a promising future as an elevator operator. The way that kid can press buttons is amazing.

The lady on this elevator did not like when I gently held her hand hand and whispered “we’re in this together.” Still friendless.

My reaction when a girl starts talking to me in an elevator.

That awkward moment when you wave back at someone who was waving at someone behind you who are both now in the elevator with you.

Next time someone presses the elevator button you’ve already pressed, act totally impressed & tell them they did it waaaay better than you.

I’ve gotten pretty good at elevator small talk – It’s the restroom chats that throw me off my game

Going up a quiet elevator yesterday. Just me and a lady. After a minute, unprovoked, she says “Sonic has 50 cent corn-dogs all day today!”

:   OMG I’m getting on an elevator and this 5 year old boy says “go ahead, ladies first! My daddy taught me that!” as he’s holding his dads hand

:  360 Main’s new escalator replacing their shallow staircase

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