Tweets of the Week

:  I liked a video AMAZING old Thrige-Titan traction elevator @ Hotel Plaza, Copenhagen, Denmark.

:  Elevator equipment evolves with solar & gearless technology, driving performance straight up!

:   Take a look at an 1890 Otis birdcage elevator

  This dedicated elevator operator runs an elevator that was built in 1898, in the former office of Calvin Coolidge!

  Missing tortoise found in museum elevator

:   Safety is the elevator industry’s first priority. See how is supporting safety and read tips for safe riding!

Video> In 2015, you can take a 60-second elevator ride up 100 flrs to see NYC from the top of One World Trade:

  Shall I take the stairs with no lights or the broken elevator ?

  Beach elevator 😉

  Was informed in the elevator about the peanut butter on my face..

  Woman Fights Robber inside NYC Elevator

  Photo: elevator parking, nyc, vintage new york city , (nytimesarchives)

  95% of the people working out this am (including me) took the elevator to get here. 🙂

  Added to my enemy list today: people who stop immediately after getting off an escalator, people who carry golf umbrellas.

  Studies have found food, E. coli, urine, mucus, feces, and blood on handrails! (Eww!)

  I took a ride on the longest outdoor escalator in the world. The first time was for the Hong Kong bucket list…

  Just in case you’re too tired to push your cart after shopping…an escalator is provided.

  Montreal Greyhound Station next to ticket booth… There’s an escalator with a wall built on it! Sign says”no entry”

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