Tweets of the Week

:  Did you know the steam elevator system was also called the “New York Metropolitan Elevator System”?

:    “You’re awkward, but in a cute way. Like an elevator ride, but with puppies.”

:   Interactive Map: Which Subway Station Is Most Likely To Trap You In An Elevator

Elevator riders tend to arrange themselves into mini social hierarchies, according to new study

Stop trying to make small talk with me in an elevator. It’s 2013. Stare at your phone like a normal person

:   This chick was in the elevator

Elevator equipment evolves with solar & gearless technology, driving performance straight up!

16% of workers admit to purposely closing the elevator door when they see someone approaching.

The look of defeat on people’s faces when they see an escalator out of service really makes me wonder how we’ve survived this long

: I got on an elevator the other day. There was me and a plumber with 4 toilets. Can you think of a line for that!?

: This greeted me as I got on the elevator scared me at first

: My elevator buddy… ? Elevator doors open and this is just chillin’ in the middle of floor.

:   Not every day you see an elevator shaft being made.

:   An escalator to save you six steps?

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